Science Division
Foundation Wing- 10th Regular Classroom Program (CBSE and ICSE)
The significance of fundamentals in Science and Math play an essential role when a student enters into the professional world. We focus to build strong foundation by continuous and comprehensive training which LEADS to excellent performance of students at school level studies. School level Topic Wise Assignments are included in their expertly developed study material. Test are conducted on weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. Student’s performance details are delivered regularly to parents without any lag. Doubt clearing and discussion sessions are organized.

XI  One Year IIT JEE / AIPMT classroom program.

(a) Regular Batch : Normally this batch is given six day classes and 6 Hrs/Subject/week is allotted. For XI (Medical) Subjects taught are Physics, Chemistry and Biology and for XI (non-Medical) subjects taught are Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics.
An effort is made that so that every student has clarity of concepts in each topic chapter wise and subject wise. After concept clarity we move on to application of fundamentals to solve the numerical/other questions which normally appear regularly in the competition exam.
Special focus is made separately for board exams as well as competition exams.
(b) Weekend Batch for IIT JEE / AIPMT:  If there is some time constrains for students, institute offers a weekend batch for XI and XII classes separately. In this group/batch also a student is given 6 hrs/subject/week in all three subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology /Mathematics.
(c) XII One Year IIT JEE / AIPMT classroom program: XII is a very important class and a rigorous time schedule is set up for XII students. From the start students are made to work on the concept clarity/application of subjects simultaneously. A strict test schedule is fixed up so that they are made to appear in the maximum number of tests both subjective and multiple question/answer or objective types.
A continuous watch is kept on the students results so that a timely action can be taken during the student’s progression throughout the year.
In XII also, we can offer regular/weekend batch if the need arises.

Weekend Programs
Saturday and Sunday 6 hours teaching for board and competitions such as IIT JEE / AIPMT by our faculties makes students to grasp the total content which they otherwise assimilate in regular weekdays. This practice however eludes some of the regular testing practice which is an important feature of the regular weekday’s delivery system but major portion of the syllabus for board and competitions is given to them.

Droppers Batch:-
For some reason or the other if spending two years in XI & XII classes, a student has missed his/her goal, we believe in the institute that everything is certainly not lost by missing a chance. New efforts with new energy and fresh approach can bring a lot better chances of achieving one’s goal.
We at institute have drawn a comprehensive program for Droppers batch for just missed out students. In the capsule form program we shall be taking care that each & every topic of XI & XII is covered up during one year duration and we ensure it that student’s are groomed on each and every aspect of preparation for IIT-JEE or AIPMT whatsoever the case be. A well drawn series of objective type tests is conducted in such way that students get a sufficient exposure to the competition environment for the ensuing period.
A student who has lost his confidence, energy and a chance to success one year earlier is now fully geared up, ready to face challenges and confident for his success.

Crash Course:-
For the students who have put in two years for the preparations of IIT-JEE and AIPMT after their regular board examination feel a little hold out / exhausted, but a final competition exam is always very near.
To refresh their study of XI and XII and make them remind whole syllabus in a quick time period, a very focused and pin pointed study pattern is followed along with a complete test series which greatly help in keeping the students in the perfect frame of mind before entering the exams. A right decision of joining a crash course program certainly brings quiet a positive outcome.

Study materials for distance learning
In small booklets whole course is split and regular testing practices along with solved examples is given to students for in house studies. Along with the study material students are invited to get in open sessions on month end for their doubts and discussions.

Test Series:-
This test series is very important steps for all those students who are seriously pursuing their effort to achieve the achievable goal of their life. It is always true that you cannot judge your strength/weakness unless or until you undergo a strict and similar conditions which you are likely to face at the time of exam repeatedly.

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